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Facts, Fun, & Negotiations— Foxfire Specialties

Foxfire is 100% about representing the facts of properties, the intricacies of contracts, and negotiating processes to maintain our primary directive— looking out for your interests.

The majority of our executives at Foxfire are born and raised natives of the area.  Many of our families date back in the region for over 200 years.

The overall goal in a real estate transaction is for both the buyer and seller to be happier than two sows at a mud waller, but this can often be jeopardized when the process turns into a conundrum and multi-faceted dilemma, and that is where our knowledge base rocks!

We are the local experts.  We represent the natural assets that our properties and this area have to offer, and we are an avenue to the lifestyle you desire.  Our goal is to give you a more sure understanding of the entire transaction process and a first-class education on both the homes and the tremendous mountain area in which they are located.  We know the right communities to provide your needs and lifestyle and advise you on locations that best fit your desires.

Purchasing a residential or commercial property is about risk and opportunity.  There is never an opportunity without risks for both the buyer and the seller. A property’s value is simply boiled down to an assessment of the associated risks and opportunities.

Foxfire will guide you in what will happen if everything goes according to plan, and if things go wrong— our advice and experience can prove invaluable to you.  We help you identify the relevant risks and answer the many questions that will dominate your analysis.  Further, we assist you in analyzing the market’s supply and demand balance.

Another goal in working with you is our own capitalistic self-interest as a firm.  This means that we want you to make the best investment possible in such a way as to present you with the best leverage in adding value and boosting equity.  This is so that when you are ready to re-sale, we can partner with you again to market your property and make a profit for both of us!

Lastly, but far from least, you will not only learn a lot working with our executives, but you will have great fun doing it.  We have a really good time showing properties and adventuring with our clients.  You will always have a memorable experience and a story to tell.  We are proud to be the most recommended firm in this area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and we look forward to establishing our friendship with you.