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Dual Agency Explained

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The National Association of Realtors has noted that a growing number of buyers desire to work directly with the listing agent on properties. In NC, this creates a relationship that the state defines as “Dual Agency.” Another way of looking at it is that the “Dual Agent” is both the “Seller’s Agent” and “Buyer’s Agent” combined.

Many persuasion pieces have been written to encourage buyers to always use a Buyer's Agent because of a supposed difficulty the Dual Agent may have in advancing the interests of both the buyer and the seller. Supposedly a Dual Agent’s loyalty is divided between parties with competing interests. This is simply not true, especially for real estate agents working in North Carolina.

Choosing The Right Bank Or Lender

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One of the most important decisions in home buying is which bank or lender to use for financing.  Very often the bank you have accounts or auto loans with is not the best choice.  Consulting your Foxfire Realtor is the first step in choosing the right lender.

Your real estate broker with Foxfire will know which banks will loan on what types of homes (stick-built, log cabins, modular, double-wide, etc.); which banks are known to be speedy in closing on a transaction; and which banks use competent underwriters and appraisers and allow for appraisals to be transferred.