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PRESS RELEASE- On Current National Association of Realtors News




Foxfire Real Estate, LLC

 On the Current National Association of Realtors News


CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and even WLOS are all in a bluster about a lawsuit settlement by the National Association of Realtors.  Sensational headlines read “Gone is the 6% Commission,” and “Homeowners To Save Billions!”  Yet, as always is the case these days with the media, falsehoods abound.    

North Carolina is one of only 13 states that practices “Buyer Agency” in writing.  For most all NC firms, including Foxfire, things are spelled out so clearly that nearly all firms and real estate transactions here were pretty much off the radar in this debacle of a court case.  

At Foxfire Real Estate we are small town local doing world-class work in whatever direction our clients’ goals take us.  There simply is not a more diverse set of creative skillsets under one roof— from accomplished marketers, photographers, video and audio editors, content designers/writers and genuine local professionals making connections and brokering knowledge. 

We partner with our Sellers to serve as agents for their homes/assets applying our skills, knowledge base, and sphere of influence, to get our homes before the greatest audiences, under contract, and closed.  Part of this process means having skin in the game up front.  

For residential properties, Foxfire engages for six percent of the sales price of a property which reimburses our expenditures, overhead, and provides a well earned profit to our agents.  We are not a discount firm— we are the best in the business.  

In order to ensure that the property sales as quickly as possible, we place it before an international audience of 100s of millions of potential buyers, as well as, specifically, 80,000+ licensed broker in NC- through our broker market place (the Multiple Listing Services), who could potentially work to bring buyer’s to our homes.  

To entice Buyer’s Agents to connect buyers to our homes, we agree to sacrifice OUR profit margins, sometimes up to ½ of our fee, to be paid to a Buyer’s Agent, if they bring a buyer that closes on the property.  After all, it is the “Buyer” who brings 100% of the money to the table, once a seller is comfortable with the agreed upon price.  

Regardless of the outcome of this National Association of Realtor’s settlement of the lawsuits, Foxfire will remain a savvy creative team with one goal in mind— getting our sellers their desired return or better on the properties they choose to let us represent.  Our firm will continue to work for ALL our clients, both sellers and buyers, as the top professionals in the real estate field. We will continue to bring the top profits for our customers so that they are never leaving money on the table in any real estate transaction.




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