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“Partner with Excellence in Real Estate Marketing”

We are not a discount firm, and we are not just a group of Realtors.

We are a professional real estate marketing firm, and we are the best in the business.

Foxfire Real Estate is legitimately #1, provably so, with evidence.  This is who we are and what we seek to maintain.  Realtors are a dime-a-dozen in an industry that has a bad reputation for a reason.  We know because we’ve had to carry a great many of our competitors through to a settlement just to get a deal closed so our sellers and we can get paid.

We can assure you that regardless of the transaction, property type, or situation— an executive from Foxfire is always the professional in the room.  We have built a permanent referable first-class reputation.  It is our executives out here making a difference in the community just via our work in the industry.

Your property, be it a home, land, or commercial enterprise, is most likely one of the single most important investments you possess.  You have worked hard in life to have what you own, it is your heart, passion and blessed by many emotions, and when it comes time to cash out on that kind of investment, you don’t want to be dependent on just any old jack-leg with a license to try and close a successful deal for you.

By partnering with us, you are putting a top producing heavyweight in your corner.  At Foxfire, marketing and real estate transactions are our business and livelihood— not our retirement, back-up career, or hobby job.  We are more than just “Realtors,” we are a professional marketing firm dedicated to marketing your property in the most advanced and researched path to success.

Foxfire is at the forefront of marketing no only properties but the entire region as a whole.  Real estate is a business of risk, but it is our core competency, and our experts will guide you through the possible pitfalls.  We will advise you on avoiding many of the mistakes that beset property owners in the ever more complicated contract negotiations.

We do not just “list a property.”  We are genuinely representatives of properties.  We know how to adequately leverage all of the natural capital of the area and especially your home.  We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the top dog in selling homes and commercial properties in this region.  As experts, we’re in the business of producing results and working with other professionals in protecting families and individuals as they make one of the most significant decisions of their lives.

We don’t come cheap, and often we do turn down listings if we don’t find them to be a good match with our organization.  If you want to partner with the top firm in the area to sell your home or business, then give Foxfire a call today, and we can arrange a free conference and strategy session with you at your convenience.